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Confluence offers SaaS-enabled and ASP solutions that let asset managers and service providers focus on what matters most, their business. These solutions allow you to leverage the power of Unity and Unity NXT products without the cost or risk of managing the infrastructure locally. As a result, asset managers and service providers can focus on their core competencies. You'll reduce risk by utilizing our experts to manage the hardware, upgrades and disaster recovery solutions. And with online access, your data is available 24x7.

Confluence offers two hosted options to allow you to leverage the power of our products without the cost or risk of managing the infrastructure locally: The Unity NXT platform, a next generation SaaS-enabled platform, and our ASP offering.

Unity NXT SaaS-based Solutions

Because of Unity NXT's SaaS-enabled infrastructure, there is no need to buy and maintain costly servers or employ the personnel to administer them. Just as importantly, the platform allows business units to make swift decisions about their technology needs and adopt updated versions of product releases without placing needless burden upon the IT organization. It also lets you deliver new functionality in real time—without time-consuming and complex hardware and software upgrades.

The following products are available on the Unity NXT SaaS-enabled platform:

Unity ASP Services

Our ASP hosted options let fund administrators focus on their core competencies while Confluence provides online access to hardware and software that Confluence manages and maintains on their behalf. All activities related to procuring hardware, space and managing the Unity® platform are handled by an experienced staff and delivered to the client in an easily accessible environment. As a result, Confluence ASP options allow you to reduce overall IT support costs and eliminate the need to purchase hardware and software for the Unity platform.

The following Unity products are available in our ASP hosted environment:

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