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Solutions for Third-Party Service Providers

Confluence knows the importance of delivering superior service to your clients and offers the best automated back-office administration solutions in the industry to help you deliver the results they demand.  And, our Unity® and Unity NXT® solutions offer the flexibility and control your business demands.

Consider these features:

  • Flexible deployment options 
    • Confluence offers a complete range of deployment options to meet your unique needs– from local installations at the client site to hosted ASP and SaaS environments to fully outsourced solutions.
  • Support a wide array of collective fund investment types
    • In Europe, Unity and Unity NXT solutions support UCITS, ETFs and Alternative Investments
    • In North America, Unity and Unity NXT solutions support ’40 Act Mutual Funds, '40 Act Money Market Funds, Canadian Mutual Funds, ETFs, Hedge Funds, and Variable Annuities
  • Support global operating models:
    • Meet need for localized flexibility with centralized control
    • Support multiple statutory and regulatory regimes
    • Support offshore service centers with a single instance of the system
    • SaaS-enabled Unity NXT solution is:
      • Accessible from any desktop, anywhere in the world
      • Multi-currency, multi-language and time-zone agnostic

Realize these benefits:

  • Reduce Costs - Remove multiple and redundant manual processes to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs.
  • Eliminate Risk - Gain greater control over data integrity by eliminating error-prone manual processes and provide accurate reports.
  • Elevate Service Levels - By eliminating manual processes you will be able to provide customized reports in a more timely manner.
  • Increase Scalability - Add investment products without adding staff resources or compromising delivery times.

Learn more about Confluence's solutions for Service Providers:

For more information about Confluence products, call +1 412.802.8632 or contact us.