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Solutions for Self-Administered Asset Managers

Confluence offers the Unity and Unity NXT solutions to give your back-office operations the control and efficiency required so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.  And as the global markets converge and fund types administered increase, Confluence offers assurance that no matter what changes are in store, your back-office will function with the utmost accuracy and control.

Confluence has automated critical back-office data management, processing and reporting,  so that administrators can meet the increasingly complex demands placed on them by regulators, auditors, boards and clients—and allows vital fund information to reach the market faster and more accurately.

Realize these benefits:

  • Reduce Costs - Remove multiple and redundant manual processes to achieve greater efficiency and lower costs.
  • Eliminate Risk - Gain greater control over data integrity by eliminating error-prone manual processes and provide accurate reports.
  • Elevate Service Levels - By eliminating manual processes you will be able to provide customized reports in a more timely manner.
  • Increase Scalability - Add investment products without adding staff resources or compromising delivery times.

Learn more about the Confluence solutions for Asset Managers:

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