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Solutions by Deployment Option

At Confluence we realize that one size doesn't necessarily fit all. For more than 20 years Confluence has solved tough data management and automation challenges for the asset management industry, including performance reporting, regulatory reporting, investor communications and fund expense management. Confluence solutions enable asset managers and third-party administrators to consolidate and leverage data across business operations. Our clients benefit from multiple deployment options for our market-driven, scalable and unified solutions designed to consolidate and leverage managed investment data to optimize efficiency and control.

Unity NXT® solutions

Our Unity NXT enterprise-grade SaaS enabled solutions join the classic install and hosted Unity solutions as trusted solutions for fund administration automation and data control. Unity NXT solutions let asset managers and their third-party administrators focus on what matters most–their business. From applications that provide control and efficiency of budgeting to those that enable global regulatory reporting and filing, Unity NXT solutions offer secure, global web-based access from both desktops and mobile devices, making it conveniently available wherever and whenever.

Unity® solutions

The Unity brand has emerged as a trusted name for the global asset management industry as they partner to solve tough data management and automation challenges. With a manufacturing discipline, Unity solutions automate difficult processes from performance calculation and distribution to regulatory and financial reporting.

Leveraging one centralized database, Unity solutions replace multiple time-consuming, costly and error-prone manual processes to help Confluence clients achieve tremendous peace of mind, substantial cost savings, faster reporting turnaround and the scalability to add new products without additional resources.

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