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Professional Services

When it comes to the success of any fund administration data consolidation and automation initiative, selecting the right technology is essential, but not enough. Confluence has a team of Professional Services Consultants dedicated to helping you optimize people, processes and technology.

Our team of highly skilled consultants applies industry proven best practices to help you identify and implement the solutions necessary to effectively structure staffing models, improve business processes and utilize the Unity platform to achieve optimized business results.

Implementation Services

Our Professional Services Consultants are committed to maximizing the implementation experience while focusing on your "time to business result". With our collaborative implementation workshops, we work with you to identify your specific business wins, design your implementation strategy and implement the solution that will meet your business needs. Our highly disciplined project management practice strives to ensure your implementations will finish on-time and within budget while maintaining world class solution quality.

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Training Services

With Unity Training Services, you receive the most up-to-date information on the current best practices ensuring you get the required business results from the Unity platform, and you can be confident that what you learn in training is immediately relevant when you return to the office.

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Consulting Services

As part of our commitment to your continued success and long term growth, we offer a wide range of consulting services to ensure that you continue to realize new benefits from the Unity platform and stay current with industry best practices. Our Consulting Services are focused on optimizing your usage of the Unity platform, back-office processing and staff modeling.

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Custom Development

While products on the Unity platform have become industry standard tools for solving many fund administration problems, it is at times the unique custom features required by individual clients that allow them to keep pace with changes in their business. Confluence is pleased to modify our products to meet our clients' specific business needs via our Custom Development services. Our software development team has deep experience with large-scale, mission-critical applications as well as quantitative financial analysis, and is prepared to apply best practices in software engineering and project management to assist you.

For more information about our Custom Development, please contact your Account Representative.

For more information about Confluence services, call +1 412.802.8632 or contact us.

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