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SEC Modernization Resource Center

Countdown to SEC Modernization: As of February 7, 2017, 5 clients with a total of 1,150 funds are relying on Confluence to file Form N-PORT.


Confluence Strategy

Confluence is committed to helping the industry solve for the massive changes associated with the SEC Investment Company Fund Reporting Modernization.

  • Filing solutions for Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN through the Unity NXT™ Regulatory Reporting platform
  • Unity® Financial Reporting support for the Regulation S-X changes
  • Sophisticated data sharing between Confluence solutions
  • Regulatory remediation to determine data sources and ongoing data collection procedures
  • Ongoing form preparation and filing services to ease the new resource burden
  • A full end-to-end solution under a single offering via partnerships with market data providers and risk management specialists

Confluence SEC Modernization Resources

SEC Modernization Brochure

Learn more about how Confluence solves the SEC Modernization regulatory reporting requirements including Form N-PORT, Form N-CEN and Regulation S-X changes.

Readiness Guide

The SEC Modernization Readiness Guide provides important information on the proposal and recommended steps for readiness preparation.

Executive Summary

Executive Summary on SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization: Partner with Confluence to Achieve Readiness

Highlights of the SEC Investment Company Rule

Form N-PORT and Related Changes

Form N-PORT will disclose each non-money market fund's portfolio to the SEC monthly and the public quarterly in a machine readable format.  Form N-Q is rescinded, but the equivalent of Form N-Q, the human viewable Part F, will still be required as an attachment to the Q1 and Q3 Form N-PORT filing.  The Certification of Form N-CSR will be extended to six months.

Form N-CEN and Related Changes

Form N-CEN will replace Form N-SAR for communicating census information in a machine readable format to the SEC and the public.  Form N-CEN will be filled annually, due 75 dates after year end.  The Form N-SAR exhibit reporting a change in independent registered public accountants moves to Form N-CSR

Amendments to Regulation S-X and Related Changes

The Article 12 Schedules required by Regulation S-X have been updated to disclose information consistent with the derivative disclosures on Form N-PORT.  The corresponding Article 6 statements and tax disclosures in the notes to the financial statements have also been updated. Additional securities lending disclosures in the Statement of Additional Information, or in Form N-CSR for closed end funds.

Confluence SEC Modernization Blog

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SEC Modernization News & Announcements

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August 11, 2015

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