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SEC Form N-PORT and Form N-CEN Test Filing Schedule

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization FAQ

Liquidity Risk Management Programs FAQ

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Confluence Webinar: SEC Modernization: The Quest for Data Raises a Question of Oversight – March 2018

Confluence SEC Modernization Update Webinar – February 2018

Highlights of the SEC Investment Company Rule

Form N-PORT and Related Changes

Form N-PORT will disclose each non-money market fund's portfolio to the SEC monthly and the public quarterly in a machine readable format.  Form N-Q is rescinded, but the equivalent of Form N-Q, the human viewable Part F, will still be required as an attachment to the Q1 and Q3 Form N-PORT filing.  The Certification of Form N-CSR will be extended to six months.

Form N-CEN and Related Changes

Form N-CEN will replace Form N-SAR for communicating census information in a machine readable format to the SEC and the public.  Form N-CEN will be filled annually, due 75 dates after year end.  The Form N-SAR exhibit reporting a change in independent registered public accountants moves to Form N-CSR

Amendments to Regulation S-X and Related Changes

The Article 12 Schedules required by Regulation S-X have been updated to disclose information consistent with the derivative disclosures on Form N-PORT.  The corresponding Article 6 statements and tax disclosures in the notes to the financial statements have also been updated. Additional securities lending disclosures in the Statement of Additional Information, or in Form N-CSR for closed end funds.

SEC Modernization Blogs

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Getting in that SEC Reporting Modernization State of Mind

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SEC Modernization News & Announcements

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