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Regulatory Reporting

For more than a decade, our clients have been relying on Confluence to solve regulatory reporting data integration and reporting challenges so that they can keep up with the rapid rate of regulatory change. Now it is even easier.

The Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting platform powered by Synapse® enables clients to solve their post-trade regulatory filing needs through one platform, giving asset managers and asset servicers the answer to constant regulatory change. With a collaborative environment to minimize review challenges and drive efficiency, clients can reduce the cost of existing reporting obligations and nearly eliminate the challenges and complexity of solving new reporting requirements.

With support for challenging mandates from regulators across the globe, Unity NXT Regulatory Reporting offers comprehensive and cost-effective solutions for the SEC's Form N-PORT, Form N-CEN, Form PF and Form N-MFP. Support is also available for Form CPO-PQR reporting to both the CFTC and the NFA.

Unity NXT Regulatory Reporting also supports European mandated reporting for the Central Bank of Ireland including MMIF, MMM, CIS and MC1. For Luxembourg reporting, the platform offers solutions for Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) forms S1.3, S1.6, S2.13, S2.14, TBTOBS and TPTTBS. In addition to BCL reporting, the platform also supports the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) for U1.1.

And for alternative investment fund managers who must file AIFMD Annex IV reports, Confluence provides support in 13 European jurisdictions.

Supported Forms


Confluence's AIFMD Transparency Reporting solution supports the complicated process of Annex IV reporting including the collection of data, calculation of answers, approval of report form contents, and the filing transmission.


Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting supports the ongoing BCL and CSSF filing effort and automates the otherwise tedious manual processes required to report to two regulatory bodies and ensures consistency between them.


Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting automates the often manual processes required for CBI reporting — from sourcing and aggregating data and complying with the CBI’s complex business rules to reviewing answers and submitting filings.


Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting automates the required reporting for registered Commodity Pool Operators to both the CFTC and the NFA on a wide range of data.

Form N-MFP

Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting automates the preparation and filing of the SEC's required XML Form N-MFP and repurposes the same content to create and deliver the required website reporting.

Form N-PORT & Form N-CEN

Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting automates the filing process and eases data management challenges of complying with the condensed 30-day filing window for Form N-PORT and the annual filing for Form N-CEN.

Form PF

Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting supports the complex requirements of Form PF reporting, including investment strategy, asset classes, VaR, beneficial ownership, counterparty credit exposure, leverage, performance, and ASC 820 Levels, among others.

Post-Trade Compliance Reporting

Unity® Post-Trade Compliance Reporting ensures data integrity and independent oversight of the post-trade compliance process.

Solvency II Reporting

Confluence's Solvency II Reporting solution facilitates the SCR calculation and supports the data delivery for the insurance clients' Quantitative Reporting Templates.

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