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Unity® Post-Trade Compliance Reporting
Automate Post-Trade Compliance Testing to Ensure Data Integrity and Independent Oversight

As part of the Regulatory Reporting platform, Unity® Post-Trade Compliance ensures data integrity and independent oversight of the post-trade compliance process and is designed specifically to enable the back office to automate the process of collecting and managing portfolio holdings and security data, creating restrictions, confirming test results, and delivering the test results and exceptions to users such as fund managers, compliance executives, board members, auditors, and regulators. Reduce costs, eliminate risk, elevate service levels and increase scalability, while giving your organization a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Features & Benefits
Collect portfolio, holdings, and security-level data from your fund accounting system and other third-party sources.
Easily set up restrictions using a standard restrictions library or by creating customized restrictions, establish warning and failure thresholds, assign restrictions to portfolios, and establish the frequency of testing and notifications.
Access test results dashboard to analyze and resolve data exceptions and test warnings and failures. Automatically create an audit log of exceptions and actions taken.
Automatically escalate test exceptions via e-mail. Produce restrictions summary and historical test results for your Compliance Executive, Board, auditors and regulators.
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