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Performance Teams Under Pressure: Managing the data, tools and technology in a rapidly changing landscape

July 15, 2020

In the current climate, the pressure on performance teams to provide insight into what has contributed to returns is at an all-time high. Knowing what works is essential to firms being able to improve future performance. With greater global market volatility and client pressure to lower fees, performance teams are not only having to produce granular and highly detailed analysis from across the organization, but must do it in an efficient and cost-effective way. It is therefore more important now than ever that performance teams have the necessary tools in place to make sense of the vast amounts of data that they are facing. They also must prepare for digital transformations and leverage emerging technologies that have rapidly changed the landscape for asset managers and their clients. Just as these pressures are building, firms have to act fast to meet and exceed client needs.

  • What is a PBOR? 
    • How is it different from an IBOR and ABOR?
    • Why is it important?
  • How has the performance team’s function changed?
    • Key challenges firms are faced with when it comes to PBOR
  • How are firms leveraging technology?
    • Managing data across internal systems/integration
    • How do firms manage their PBOR in the context of:
      • Increased data volume
      • Increased data complexity
  • Budgetary Impact
    • Cost to build a PBOR, areas of savings, necessary investments
    • Insourcing/Outsourcing
  • GIPS

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Risk and Performance Summit

August 26 – 26, 2020
Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel
30 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW

Confluence is proud to sponsor this year’s Risk and Performance Summit on 26th August in Sydney.

Fund Business’ Risk and Performance Summit brings together senior investment risk and performance practitioners from key asset owners and their fund managers to discuss these challenges and to promote best practice across all aspects of the risk and performance profession.

PMAR North America

November 12 – 13, 2020
Westin Philadelphia
99 South 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States

Confluence is proud to be a sponsor at PMAR North America on 12-13 November in Philadelphia.

The 18th annual performance, attribution, and risk conference in North America covers diverse and timely topics, including:

•    Fraternity of Performance Professionals
•    Networking breaks and reception
•    Resources and tools
•    Gifts and prizes
•    Chance to engage and share ideas and information

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