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Unity NXT® Form PF Reporting
Ensure Completeness, Accuracy, and Control Over Form PF Reporting Processes

Confluence's Form PF Reporting solution enables completeness, accuracy, and control over the entire Form PF reporting process. As a leading provider of CPO-PQR and AIFMD reporting solutions, we have the experience and the technology to provide a cost-effective response to the complexity of Form PF reporting which includes data such as investment strategy, asset classes, VaR, beneficial ownership, counterparty credit exposure, leverage, performance, and ASC 820 Levels, among others.

Features & Benefits
Perform all of the required Form PF calculations in the application, except for risk metrics.
Organize web-based form by actual Form PF sections and sub-sections to facilitate navigation and offline collaboration.
Receive a series of alerts, checks, validations, and approval procedures.
Make adjustments to the Form as an investment advisor.
View changes made, including the original entry, the overriding value, the editing person, and the date are recorded.
Send email notification to any party involved in Form PF preparation and filing, users can request input or a review of any portion of the Form, including robust drilldown into data records.
File directly with the IARD electronically without the risk of error implicit in manually re-entering data.
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