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Values & Culture

Corporate Values

At Confluence, a set of core values represent the principles that guide actions and the foundation that has enabled Confluence to emerge as a technology innovator and market leader.


Facing reality with honesty, courage and accountability.


Dealing creatively with challenges and envisioning what the world could be.


Building good habits into reflexes which become a part of our life.


Committing to the success of others.

Corporate Culture

The culture at Confluence is values-driven. Our values are not merely a list of words on the wall. Rather, we use them as a foundation to make hiring decisions, to reward the success of our employees, and throughout the organization.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Confluence knows the value of being rewarded for your efforts and believes in the mantra of work hard, play hard. Our Pittsburgh headquarters offers convenient downtown access, locker room facilities, and a complimentary massage program. All of our offices provide opportunities for teams to get involved with intramural sports, company sponsored social events, and the local community.

Health & Wellness

Confluence has always been committed to providing a premium health and wellness plan with maximum coverage at a minimum out-of-pocket expense. Confluence strongly believes that the ability for our employees to seek the best care for themselves and loved ones without the worry of financial distress is paramount.

Current Openings

Interested in a job that you don't see listed? Send us your resume and a brief cover letter.

Human Resources
Nova Tower One
One Allegheny Square - Suite 800
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5346

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