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Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting - BCL & CSSF
Reduce Ongoing Filing Effort for Banque Centrale du Luxembourg (BCL) and Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) Regulatory Reporting

Administrators responsible for CBI Regulatory Reporting can rely on Confluence to significantly reduce their ongoing CBI filing effort. Unity NXT® Regulatory Reporting automates the otherwise tedious manual processes required for CBI reporting — from sourcing and aggregating data and complying with the CBI’s complex business rules to reviewing answers and submitting filings. As a result, the system reduces the risk of missing the CBI’s compressed filing deadlines. It also has the flexibility to quickly update forms as regulatory requirements change and provides administrators faced with audit or other external examinations the confidence of having full audit trail and traceability capabilities.

Features & Benefits
Real-time visibility into quality and status of filings.
Bulk & administrator-specific functionality for efficiency across multi-fund and multi-client reporting obligations.
Automated validations and business rules with exception reporting.
Maintenance by Confluence for common regulatory changes to existing forms including post-filing validation checks and changes.
Agreement and reconciliation across BCL and CSSF forms to ensure data consistency.
Efficiency gains through streamlined regulatory process.
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