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Unity NXT® AIFMD Transparency Reporting
Ease the Complexity of Complying with the AIFMD Annex IV Reporting Requirements

With Confluence's AIFMD Transparency Reporting, gain control over the complex AIFMD Annex IV requirements. With over 400 data points to be collected from a variety of internal and third-party systems, the AIFMD Transparency Report is challenging for even the most seasoned asset managers. From the collection of data, the calculation of answers, the approval of the report form contents, to the transmission of the filing, we offer a truly collaborative environment for producing the AIFMD Transparency Report.

Features & Benefits
Receive a series of alerts, checks, validations, and approval notifications.
Make topside adjustments to the Form.
Access records of any changes made, including the original entry, overriding value, editor, and date.
Review and approve initial preparation and filings.
Report to multiple regulators throughout Europe.
Perform required AIFMD Transparency report calculation, except for VaR and Sensitivity Analysis.
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