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About Confluence

As a proven leader delivering an innovative platform to put data first in asset management, Confluence is leading the DataTech evolution. Our vision is to instantaneously transform data into knowledge and deliver it to the world.

Beginning with the market downturn and the change in regulatory focus from investor protection to systemic risk, DataTech represents a shift from output-driven to data-driven processes. It represents a strategic mindset that challenges the asset management industry to think about post-trade reporting differently. With DataTech, asset managers and service providers focus on getting the data right first.  Then they leverage that same data set across multiple deliverables. The result is greater speed, efficiency, and control.

The value of DataTech will increase as it evolves. Confluence believes that DataTech will extend beyond RegTech to enable the industry to leverage innovation and data reuse to benefit the entire back-office ecosystem – financial, statutory, performance and investor communications.

Eight of the top 10 global service providers license Confluence products and all of the top 10 global asset managers have business processes automated through Confluence. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, Confluence serves the international fund industry with locations in Ho Chi Minh City, London and Luxembourg. For more information, visit www.confluence.com.

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