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Data & Analytics Technologies 2021 Online Conference

Confluence’s Chief Advisor, Carl Bacon, will be presenting “The Digital Transformation of Performance Analytics, Workflow, and Data Distribution” at this year’s Investment Data 2021 – Data & Analytics Technologies Online Conference on 29 July.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Global Data Management & Technology Trends for the future
  • Investment Operations evolving into Data-Driven Analysts
  • Client reporting and the data management that supports it
  • The Digital Transformation of Performance Analytics, Workflow and Data Distribution
  • ESG Data Analytics
  • Using Data and Emerging Technology to Drive Innovation and Transformation Growth
  • Data and Analytics Management
  • Rising to The Occasion – How Data Teams Can Make Organizations Data-Centric
  • Ensuring Privacy, Quality and Accessibility through Effective Data Governance
  • Using data to enhance investment decision support