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Unity NXT Form PF Reporting

Form PF is a complex 42-page report required to be filed by SEC-registered investment advisers with over $150 million in gross private fund assets under management (AuM). Form PF is a challenging and time-consuming regulatory obligation, requiring the investment adviser to report on a wide range of data including investment strategy, asset classes, VaR, beneficial ownership, counterparty credit exposure, leverage, performance, and ASC 820 Levels, among others. Depending on the size and type of private fund adviser, investment advisers are required to either file annually or quarterly.

The Confluence team has been solving challenging data integration and data reporting problems for the alternative investment industry for more than a decade. As the leading provider of CPO-PQR and AIFMD reporting solutions, we have the experience and the technology to provide a cost-effective response to the complexity of Form PF reporting. Confluence's technology-enabled Unity NXT Form PF Reporting solution ensures completeness, accuracy and control over the entire Form PF reporting process.

Meet the Form PF reporting challenge with confidence. Confidence in the process. Confidence in your data. Confidence in your reports.

How Unity NXT Form PF Reporting Works

  • Collect data and perform calculations–Data loading is managed and automated by Confluence prior to reconciliation and calculations being performed in Unity NXT Form PF Reporting. Automated error checking ensures that data exceptions are flagged early for remediation.
  • Review and approve report content–The automated workflow within Unity NXT Form PF Reporting drives the review and approval process, leveraging pre-defined user profiles to determine responsibilities for validating calculations, ensuring that gaps are addressed, and that report content is approved by authorized personnel. E-mail communication and browser-based editing ensure seamless integration with existing business processes.
  • File the report with regulators–Once the Form PF Report is complete and has received approval, it is formatted to the specific technical requirements of FINRA's Investment Adviser Registration Depository (IARD) and submitted electronically.
  • Archive the report–After filing, the Form PF Report is saved with the underlying source data and calculations to an archive. Each archived report features a full audit trail of changes that occurred during report preparation, including a timestamp, the nature of the changes, the new and previous values, as well as the relevant user(s) involved in the changes.



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Data Analytics – All of the required Form PF calculations are performed in the application, except for risk metrics.

Clear Layout – The web-based form is organized by actual Form PF sections and sub-sections to facilitate navigation and offline collaboration.

Validation – The application includes a series of alerts, checks, validations and approval procedures.

Flexibility – The investment adviser has the ability to make topside adjustments to the Form.

Audit Trail – A record of any changes made, including the original entry, the overriding value, the editing person, and the date.

Collaboration – Via email notification to any party involved in Form PF preparation and filing, users can request input or a review of any portion of the Form, including robust drilldown into data records.

Electronic Filing – File directly with the IARD electronically without the risk of error implicit in manually re-entering data.